Rs. 160,000

Maia Sethna in our NECTOR set feeling wild spirited, soft hearted and a sweet soul - a butterfly rising! 

A fashion powerhouse, Maia Sethna exudes an inner strength that has always been at the core of her identity. One of Mumbai's most fabulous fashionistas - she has quickly carved out her own niche as a style and social media maven to be reckoned with. "Fashion as we know is the second most wasteful industry - I would like to encourage people to donate or sell clothing that they no longer have any use for, rather than dumping it in the trash. We all need to be more mindful of this."

"Even though I am at home, I like to dress up for the day. I find it makes me feel more productive.  Loose, flowy silhouettes in light, breathable for the day. Bombay is terribly hot and humid at the moment." 

Threadwork scalloped skirt with highlights of pearls and crystals paired with a lace ruffle drape.

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only

Shipping: Estimated arrival time is 8 weeks from date of purchase


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